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This board consists of on the top, nails No 333 from Pisa, Italy, some donated by Mr Riccardo Chetoni, others purchased by myself while i was over at the Plumb Bob Collectors Convention.    The 4th from the left is the only one of this type of nail known to exist and is now known as the Jones Pisa nail, the 5th nail over is 1” long with a butterfly shaped head, this nail is shown in the French D. Diderot L’Encyclopedie dated 1769.

    There are 2 rows of copper boat nails across the middle of this board and to the right is a very unusual bronze nail with an arrow shaped point No 345.

    The bottom is made up of mostly bronze ships nails, some of which are very unusual, all purchased off the internet, 3 rows on the right and 2 rows on the left under No 348.



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