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Some unusual nails! No.53 is a drive-in cabin hook & eye from a 175 year old window recovered from the house marked "1828" in Forge Lane, Newport, Gwent. No.47 is a wrought iron pipe hook from The Castle Hotel, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. No.54 is a 17th century 7" bronze nail recovered from a ship, wrecked whilst on its way to the Far East. No.56 is perhaps the most unusual; it was used to fix the rolls on the ridge and hips of The De Winton Hotel. Llanbradach, Caerphilly. The rolls were 3" round pieces of wood fixed to the roof to dress lead over thereby preventing rain entering at the two sections of roof. No.68 is a glass vial which contains eight very small nails ¼" long with a 3/16" dia. head - used for tacking the material onto roller blinds (the wooden roller being hollow to house the spring mechanism)   (see subsequent pages)

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