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                                           A COLLECTION OF DRIVE IN FIXINGS (NAILS) BOARD 8 Pg 1
92. A collection of nails made by J. J. Cordes. Dos Works, Newport, Mon. known as” Ewbanks” recovered from addresses in Victoria, Australia. Donated by Mr Chris How, of Warranambool, Victoria.
Group A.   A group of Ewbank nails “ First pattern” from Warranambool 1850 &  Port Fairy 1864-1868.
Group B.     A group of 4 “ first pattern” Ewbanks from Osburne 1850.
Group C.    A group of 5 “ first pattern “ Ewbanks from Digby Cottage, Port Fairy 1864.
Group D.  A group of 5 Ewbank nails from Crater Cottage, Bullen Merri.1890.
Group E.    A group of 2 floor brads & 2 nails from Crater Cottage extension. 1895.
Group F.    One floor brad & 5 nails from 25 Fairy Street. 1890.
Group G.    A group of 3 wire nails from Bullen Merri House. 1901.
Group H.   Stamp Headed cut nails. The largest, 181 Fairy Street. 1900. The Medium one 40 Banyan   Street, 1880.  The two small ones from St Ann’s. 1905.
Group I.    A group of wire nails from St Ann’s. 1905.
Group J.    A wire Star Head nail from Rifle Downs.1907.
Group K.    A wire Star Head from Dunkeld. 1909.
Group L.   One cut Floor Brad & three wire nails from Noorat. 1910.
Group M.    Five wire nails from Neils. 1910.
Group N.   Four Star Head nails donated by the Weald & Downland Open Air
                 Museum, Singleton, West Sussex.
Group O.  A large “Ewbank nail" from Boutique Grand House west of  Warranambool at Farnham Park, the point is broken off. 1877.
Group P. This one is a 2½" “Ewbank nail" recovered from a frame at Sherhams Road Cottage, Crossley,   c.1878.
Group Q.  A 2" Ewbank nail patented by Heward, 1889 with a diagonal haunch (in unused condition)
Group R.  Two 1½" Ewbank nails. The first one is from Digby Cottage 1854 (pre Star Head) and the  other is from Elephant Bridge Hotel roof space, which is  from the 1869 Star Head trade Mark.
Group S.  A 1½ inch Floor brad. The oldest in the group from 1846. Recovered from a door lining, 6   Princess Street, Port Fairy.
Group T.  6 star head nails, the first 5 are wrought iron of different ages and patents, the last one is a steel star head nail.       
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