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160. 2 nails dating between 1600 & 1800, there are similar nails in the collection at no 124, but these have larger heads.
161. 4 nails made by J.J. Cordes. On close examination you can see the distinctive marks left by the machines they used for making their nails.
162. A wrought iron hook probably used to carry a clothes line. It has spent a long time driven into a wall as evidenced by the end being eaten away.
163. A dog-eared rail spike in new condition, donated by Mr Clive Hughes, Swansea.
164. 3 nails salvaged from a property in Glastonbury during demolition. Donated by Mr Chris How. Warranambool, Victoria.
165. 2 similar nails, made by different companies. The larger of the two is made by G.K.N and is the same as no 122.
166. Made to hold metal onto timber framework.
167. Galvanized, steel cut nail. There is a maker’s mark on the head but it is not legible.
168. A headless floor brad. These were made before the introduction of the steel cut brads about 1880.
169. 3 Star head nails made by J.J Cordes. The same as no 140. (If you look close enough you may be able to see the Star trademark on the heads).
170. Two 3 inch steel cut nails recovered from some timber framing. They show what happens when a nail hits something in the wood that is very hard - it could have been another nail or possibly a knot if using Spruce timber as Spruce knots can be as hard as iron (or nails!!).
171. A group of copper boat nails. The larger one on the left is from Port Fairy Goods Shed, Victoria 1896. Donated by Mr Chris How of Warranambool, Victoria.
172. Two boat nails with the roves still attached as per no. 171.
173. Five Australian made wire nails. The one on the left is unused and was found at Greenhill’s Station near Hawksdale in 1900, the others came from 65 Canterbury Road Warranambool, about 1936. Donated as per no 171.
174. Three Latvian nails, the square one is circa, 1910-1920, the other two are upholsterers nails and are unused, found in unopened packets in an attic space Warranambool, Victoria. Donated as per no. 171.
175. A galvanized rose head nail made by Ewbanks, J. J. Cordes. Newport, Mon. From the bins of The Weald & Downland Museum, Chichester. Donated as per no. 171.
176. Another large square headed nail from the same source as no 112 only smaller, donated as per no. 112.
177. A cast brass eye nail, given to me as a vine. Although I think it is to short for that purpose I have no idea what else it could be used for. Donated by Clive Hughes. Penllan Grove, Swansea.
178. A pole marking nail with the letter (D) on the head Donated as per no 177.
179. A smaller version of the big nail at no 142 but which would have been used for holding timbers together where they crossed over one another - mostly in roofs or heavy timer framework. Found in a car boot sale.
180. Two nails donated by Erica Creer, Dillwyn, Herefordshire. The one on the right dates from 1800 the other is a more recent steel cut nail from about the 1940 or 50’s.

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