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enough to pull the pins out and lift the battens out of their brackets! Recovered from the stable block before demolition 2004 as no. 62.
64. Another unusual nail that came from a blacksmiths shop in Perthshire.     
65. A cleat nail from the Castle Inn, Caldicot, Monmouthshire.
66. A wrought handrail bracket for driving into the joints of the stonework, to fix the handrail to.
67. A cut clasp nail, its purpose is unknown, but possibly used for securing metal to woodwork.
68. A glass vial with 8 round head nails in measuring ¼" long with a head of 3/16” diameter, thought to be for nailing the material onto roller blinds. Donated by Clive Hughes, Penllan Grove, Swansea.
69. Panel pins from 3” down to 3/8” in steel, brass and copper coated.
70. Cut tacks in different forms, sizes and colours.
71. Brass gimp pins, used for fixing brassware to furniture etc.,
72. Fencing staples. The small ones for fixing netting wire and the large ones for fixing the line wires.
73. A drive in bell post, used for changing direction of the bell wires from various parts of the household to the servants quarters whenever they were needed.
74. A 7½” wrought nail brought back from France.
75. A brass upholstery nail with a steel point.
76. Large head felt nails.
77. An unusual nail, its head is brass with a ceramic insert. To fix the nail the head is unscrewed, the point driven in and then the head screwed back on. Possibly used to secure pictures or drapes to woodwork.
78. A 3 inch lost head wire nail, unusual due to the square shank below the head.
79. Three modern wrought nails as used in restoration works, and made in India, donated by Gallop & Rivers, Architectural Ironmongers, Crickhowell, Powys.
80. Two spiral twist nails their purpose is unknown.
81. A 5½ inch drive in climbing spike for telegraph poles.
82. A collection of nails similar to those made by J.J. Cordes & Co. Dos Works Newport. Monmouthshire.
83. An unusual nail due to its unusual head and its diameter being large compared to the length.  A shade roller pin taken from U.S.A Wire & Wire Products Catalogue March 1972.
84. Three nails from different sources but very similar, blacksmith made, use unknown.
85. An unusual fixing, it is a ring for tying-up horses outside public houses and such. The reigns are placed through the ring rap over the loose bar and left to drop down, with gravity holding it in place. From the Royal Oak Machen Gwent.

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