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                                      A COLLECTION OF DRIVE IN FIXINGS (NAILS) BOARD 1 PG 1

1. Oval Head Wire 1”- 6". + ½”  This is the only ½” oval nail I and the donor have ever seen in 50 years working as joiners. Donated by Mr Butcher. Sereban, North End, Dunmow, Essex. 
2. Round Head Wire 1”-12”. 
3. 2 wrought nails as Recovered from the Old Tredegar Arms, Ynysddu, Caerphilly County.
4. Square Wire 7”, 8”, 10” & 11”  
5. Iron Cut. 
6. Copper Boat 2”-6”. 
7. Copper Slate Cut.
8. Copper Slate & Tile Wire.  
9. Brass Wire. 
10. Brass Headed Cut & Wire. 
11. Fancy Iron Cut. 
12. Aluminium Slate & Tile.
13. Galvanized Slate.   
14. Stainless Slate.
15. Galvanized Plasterboard.
16. Galvanized Slab.
17. Galvanized Spring head Sheet.
18. Deep Drive Sheet.  
19. Pipe.
20. Annular Ring shank.
21. Poly top. 
22. Lost head Wire.
23. Machine Wire. 
24. Galvanized Felt. 
25. Unknown. 
26. Cable Fixing. Manufactured by Hietts and known as lead headed cable ties.
27. Square Wire Twist, Machine Fired Nails. 
28. Iron Cut Floor Brads. 
29. Roves as for No 6. 
30. Wrought rose head nail as No 3. 
31. Wrought Side Fixing Drive Nail; Blacksmith Made as No 3. 
32. Horseshoe Nail. Horseshoe nails are flat on one side & beveled on the other, when shoeing a horse the beveled side of the nail would be driven in whilst facing the Hoof, the flat side faces away from the Hoof, the reason for this is when driving the nail the bevel forces the nail out through the side of the hoof for clenching over, if it were the other way around the nail would enter the horse’s foot and cripple it. THE SHOEING OF ANIMALS SHOULD ALWAYS BE LEFT TO THE PROFESSIONALS.

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